Publication *

On July 8th, the primary authors must have received the password information that is required to upload the contributions into the file server system of PoS. If this was not the case, please contact us to help you uploading the paper.

The deadline for submission is moved to Monday July 13. Please contact us in case you will not be able to comply with this.

The proceedings of the ICRC 2015 will be published in Proceedings of Science, the open access online journal organized by SISSA, the International School for Advanced Studies based in Trieste. 


The following procedure will be followed for the elaboration of the proceedings of the 34th International Cosmic Ray Conference:

  • Presenters have to submit a camera ready copy of their paper not later than July 13, 2015.  To do so they have received an email notification on July 8 to submit their paper to a designated PoS website. After submission the contributions are automatically watermarked with the PoS identification number. The deadline for manuscripts of Invited Review Talks, Rapporteur Talks and High-Light Talks is September 27, 2015.
  • Presenters should not change the size of the paper in the template; PoS requires papers to be printed on A4 only.
  • All participants will receive at the start of the Conference the digital version of the pdf camera-ready copy of all the contributed papers.
  • During registration, participants will have the option to buy a hard copy of the Invited, Highlight and Rapporteur Papers. This book will be printed at a later date and mailed to the address of their choice.
  • After the Conference the participants will have the chance to send a corrected version of their contributions. The corresponding deadline is August 17, 2015. The objective of this procedure is to have e-printed proceedings that properly reflect the contributions actually presented at the meeting.

Guidelines *

  1. The official language of the conference is English and all manuscripts must be written in English.
  2. For oral and poster contributions, the maximum length of a paper is 8 pages.
  3. For high-light talks the maximum length of a paper is 16 pages.
  4. For invited review talks and rapporteur talks the maximum length is 24 pages.
  5. Manuscripts must be submitted as camera-ready documents in pdf format.
  6. Papers have to be printed on A4 only (do not change the template).

Templates *

The PoS website uses the schedule made for the meeting, therefore the numbering of the PoS papers will differ from the Indico abstract identification number. We will provide a scheme to connect one versus the other.