Templates for the proceedings

The templates are based on the materials provided by PoS. The zip file, which can be downloaded from this page, contains both a template based on MS-word and a template based on TeX.

This link provides the zip file: ICRC2015
The JHEP.bst file in this zip file can be used a bibliography style file for the TeX template.

Collaborations have several options to include their list of authors as part of the proceedings.

  1. Provide in the file an external link to your own database.
  2. Upload a pdf file with the list of authors as an attachment to publication; see this example entry PoS(Confinement X)126. Also other materials can be uploaded to PoS archive, if you wish.

In case the Ms-Word 2011 version dos not work on a Mac, we recommend the following (based on information we received from PoS).

The PoS template is in .odt format, the software can be downloaded freely at http://www.openoffice.org, this information and more instructions are also available on the PoS website at http://pos.sissa.it/POSauthors.html