Poster requirements

Poster boards will be available for posters with size A0 (84 cm by 119 cm or 33.1 in by 46.8 in) portrait style.

During the conference, one poster board will be allocated for each poster presentation; in the Indico system we will identify the number of the poster board to every accepted presentation. Posters should be mounted with pushpins, which will be available at the poster desk.

The posters will be presented in the Poster Area, which is located on the first floor of the World Forum The Hague. This is also the area where the Exhibition is located and where the coffee/tea break will happen.

There will be three poster sessions during the afternoon coffee / tea breaks. Each poster will be on display for the two consecutive days of a poster session. The schedule of the poster sessions can be found on the Indico pages. Follow the links underneath to find the details for each session.

  1. Thursday and Friday
  2. Saturday and Monday
  3. Tuesday and Wednesday

Presenters are asked to be present during these poster sessions.

Posters that have not been taken down by the presenter at the end of each session will be removed and destroyed by the ICRC Conference Sercretariat.